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We offer premier film services that capture stories from your life, and develop them into entertaining digital film legacies to share and preserve.

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Nestled within the Blue Ridge & Great Smoky Mountains, is the village of Flat Rock, North Carolina, a hamlet that cherishes historical preservation. This region is well known for storytelling heroes such as Carl Sandburg, "America's Poet". His national historic home, Connemara, lies within the village borders, surrounded by National Forests. Our studio could not be in a more nurturing location to delve into the past, and celebrate the moments and magic of creative storytelling in film making!

Tips for Preserving Family History

Preserving the past today

May 5, 2017 | No Comments

Jan Ernst shares her experience of working with us in capturing her mother’s life in digital media. We create stories from life, artfully. Let us help you tell yours. To find out more, go to contact us.

Why tell your story?

Jan 1, 2015 | No Comments

Preserving your family’s history is so important, especially representing the early days pre-1900s. These early years are at great risk of slipping away forever due to losing the folks who knew the stories, as well as the actual artifacts such as the photos, letters, video, film and keepsakes.  They are in great need to be composed, compiled and digitized […]

Preserve the past as you go.

Dec 5, 2014 | No Comments

  It’s best to try to take an extra moment to document the special elements that are the symbols & artifacts that make up your family’s heritage and culture.  For example, take a photo of your grandmother’s favorite string of pearls, or a great uncle’s time piece, a worn & treasured family bible, a military […]

What folks are saying about our films

  • Testimonial

    “The destination evolved as the stories unfolded, when holding a toy or looking at a picture, this evoked memories and faces from the past. Patricia’s flexibility and patience allowed the destination to unfold naturally.  At One Life, One Legacy™ Films they have a great talent for listening, hearing the clues and instinctively allowed Dad to find his voice…As the history unfolded Patricia, Michelle and Matt became a treasured part of our family, and we ultimately arrived at the finish line with a renewed love and appreciation for George A. Jones…better known as Dad. His Life, His Legacy preserved.”

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Martha Jones Denka

    South Carolina

    - Dr. Jones Personal Memoir

  • Testimonial

    “Ron and I have admired the creativity and insight demonstrated in the film making skills of One Life, One Legacy™ Films.  To my surprise and delight, I was gifted with a “Surprise” video capturing the highlights of my life for a special birthday celebration.  The film so accurately captured the essence of my life, family and special events, that I’m still moved to tears when I watch it.  My family and I are forever grateful for this treasure.”

    Sherri Metzger

    Hendersonville, NC

    - “A Birthday Film Celebration!”

  • Testimonial

    “Of course I am sitting here in tears of gratitude because you care to pour your heart, and your talents into a dream. Our legacy film will live on through your gifts, and this is priceless.”  

    Thank you,

    Betsy Burton


    Spartanburg, South Carolina

    - “Wow. Just Wow”!

  • Testimonial

    “An evocatively moving, profoundly personal tribute that dramatically captures the past for the present.”

    Alexia Jones Helsley

    Senior Instructor in History

    University Archivist


    - “Scanning History” An Historian’s Vantage Point

  • Testimonial

    “Patti, that was incredible.  I wish we had taken the time to document more with all of these wonderful people in our family. To see that some of it was saved is not only heartwarming but proof that we must not lose any more opportunities.”

    Jack Spradling



    - Visiting with Flossie Film

Are You Ready?

At One Life, One Legacy™ Film Studios, we craft stories from your photos, video, and movie footage and weave it together with music, narration, location shots, artifacts and keepsakes.  We build your story with the expertise and experience to do it well, with all of these components dovetailing perfectly into your customized film.

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