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We offer premier film services that capture stories from your life, and develop them into entertaining digital film legacies to share and preserve.

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Nestled within the Blue Ridge & Great Smokey Mountains, is the village of Flat Rock, North Carolina, a hamlet that cherishes historical preservation. This region is well known for storytelling heroes such as Carl Sandburg, "America's Poet". His national historic home, Connemara, lies within the village borders, surrounded by National Forests. Our studios could not be in a more nurturing location to delve into the past, and celebrate the moments and magic of creative storytelling in film making!

Tips for Preserving Family History

Why tell your story?

Jan 1, 2015 | No Comments

Preserving your family’s history is so important, especially representing the early days pre-1900s. These early years are at great risk of slipping away forever due to losing the folks who knew the stories, as well as the actual artifacts such as the photos, letters, video, film and keepsakes.  They are in great need to be composed, compiled and digitized […]

Preserve the past as you go.

Dec 5, 2014 | No Comments

  It’s best to try to take an extra moment to document the special elements that are the symbols & artifacts that make up your family’s heritage and culture.  For example, take a photo of your grandmother’s favorite string of pearls, or a great uncle’s time piece, a worn & treasured family bible, a military […]

The Power of Audio and Photo Stills

Nov 19, 2014 | No Comments

Magic happens when photo stills and audio are reunited.  Here’s an example of photos that were taken in 1987 along with a cassette tape recording.  Both elements are now brought together for family and friends to enjoy almost 27 years later.

Are You Ready?

cover 4At One Life, One Legacy™ Film Studios, we create your story to be a customized expression of your experiences.  With 25 years of professional expertise, we handle your materials and mementos with loving care to weave these wonderful elements together for you to treasure and share with your family and friends.

 “We bring the past back to enjoy today and preserve for tomorrow.”

-Patricia Bradley, Founder & Film Maker

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