Why tell your story?

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Preserving your family’s history is so important, especially representing the early days pre-1900s. These early years are at great risk of slipping away forever due to losing the folks who knew the stories, as well as the actual artifacts such as the photos, letters, video, film and keepsakes.  They are in great need to be composed, compiled and digitized before they fade or crumble due to a life time of waiting for their story to be told.

At present, we are in a race against time to preserve the stories from previous generations, including The Greatest Generation (1900-1924), The Silent Generation (1925-1945 ), and Baby Boomers (1946-1964). They are part of a rapidly dwindling group of individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences that can be preserved for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

The time is now to get started, the process of bringing these stories to film is truly a delight and joyful gift to share.


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