What we offer


Bring all of your stories and artifacts together to make a wonderful story

We bring all of your stories and artifacts together to make a wonderful film.

One Life, One Legacy™ Film Studios specializes in the “Art” of capturing and sharing your story from life. Whether your seeking a service to make a film about your life as a living memoir, a film about your family’s history, or documenting a special milestone event in your life that you would like to preserve and share, we are the creative professionals that can make your dream a reality.

Examples of films we make are milestone celebrations like a 50th Birthday Party, a Golden Anniversary Celebration, A Travel Adventure from your most memorable vacations, Career Achievements, or Military or Civic Honor Tributes, and Family Reunions.  Our “One Life, One Legacy” Memoir is an option to showcase all the aspects of your life in film. Finally, if you have a loved one who has past, we offer Life Celebration Tributes. 

Additionally, we provide speaking engagements and workshops at schools, club and religious groups, corporate and community events. We emphasize the importance of documenting and teach the skills needed to preserve and archive life’s events.